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Type of services Fees
Hypnosis On line$ 120-1 Session,

In person$180-1Session

Reiki $190-1 Session
Healing Attunement $190-1 Session
Reiki+Healing Attunement $230-1 Session
Reiki 1 $290
Reik2 $350
Reiki3 $450
Reiki Master $720

I want to mention that one session is approximately one hour. However, the first session usually takes one and half hours.

Please note before you come to a session please be inform that:

  • Cancellations require at least 48 hours advance notice, otherwise charges may apply.
  • For hypnosis, briefly inform me of your issues prior to the session, since every session is customized to your needs.

Hypnosis and Reiki are not medical treatments. There is no guaranteed outcome, effects vary from person to person.